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General Information

Phone: 501-320-5700
Fax: 501-537-4559
E-mail: To send an e-mail, click on the appropriate name below.

For reference questions, contact:

Rhonda Stewart, Genealogy and Local History Specialist, 501-320-5720

To reserve a meeting room, contact:

Holly Mathisen, Meeting Rooms and Event Reservations, 501-320-5790

Mailing Address

The Butler Center
Central Arkansas Library System
100 Rock Street
Little Rock, AR 72201

Street Address

Arkansas Studies Institute (across the street from the Main Library)
401 President Clinton Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72201

Staff Directory


David Stricklin, Manager, 501-320-5710
Glenn Whaley, Assistant Manager and Bill Clinton State Government Project Coordinator, 501-320-5741
Kate Chagnon, Programming and Outreach Coordinator, 501-918-3033
Don Ernst, Mahlon Martin Fellow, 501-978-3874

Gallery and Fine Arts Division

General Information: 501-320-5790
Chris Stewart, Manager, 501-320-5711
Fiona Dudley, Gallery Assistant, 501-320-5790
Shannon Holmes, Sale Gallery Manager, 501-320-5792
Evan Krillenberger, Gallery Page, 501-320-5790
Holly Mathisen, Gallery Assistant, 501-320-5790
John Miller, Arkansas Sounds Coordinator, 501-320-5728
Charles Rodgers, Gallery Assistant, 501-320-5790
Colin Thompson, Art Administrator, 501-320-5791

Research Services Division

General Information: 501-320-5700
Brian Robertson, Senior Archivist and Manager, 501-320-5723
Stephanie Bayless, Archivist and Assistant Manager, 501-320-5725
Michael Hodge, Archival Assistant, 501-320-5743
Anna Lancaster, Archival Assistant and AV/AR Specialist, 501-320-5718
Linda McDowell, Archival Assistant, 501-320-5724
Frances Morgan, Archivist, 501-320-5742
Nathania Sawyer, Archival Assistant, 501-320-5752
Shirley Schuette, Archival Assistant, 501-320-5726
Rhonda Stewart, Genealogy and Local History Specialist, 501-320-5720
Steve Teske, Archival Assistant, 501-320-5740

Special Services Division

Bob Razer, Archie House Fellow and Manager, 501-320-5727
Kay Bland, Education Coordinator, 501-320-5713
Shari Hays, Cataloger/Serials Librarian, 501-320-5721
Jasmine Jobe, Editorial Assistant, Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture, 501-320-5793
Mike Keckhaver, Media Editor, Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture, 501-320-5756
Guy Lancaster, Editor, Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture, 501-320-5753
Rod Lorenzen, Manager, Butler Center Books, 501-320-5716
Mike Polston, Staff Historian, Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture, 501-320-5751
Ali Welky, Assistant Editor, Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture, 501-320-5755