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I honestly have never considered myself an artist; I think of myself as someone who, late in life, decided to become a quilter, a painter, a rug maker, and now, a basketeer. Each one of these disciplines comes from a background of a love of fabric, for which I have no explanation. My parents were people of the Earth-a farmer and a gardener-and no one in my family sews.

The baskets started when I admired a friend's purse at a quilting retreat. She took the time (while we were standing in a line) to explain how it was made, and a spark was ignited! I began by making bowls and progressed to what I am now doing. As I am blessed with a great supply of fabrics, I cannot seem to stop making the baskets!

I love the hunt for the fabrics, whether using them from my stash or searching yard sales for silk ties. I love taking the ties apart, the discovery of how each one will look once it is wrapped, how they look once sewn. Each part of the journey must hold some fascination or I wouldn't continue the quest. It all takes time that I am willing to invest in order to discover the finished piece. No two will ever be alike, so each time I finish one, I can't wait to see how the next one will look, which keeps me captured in this whirlpool that I refer to as Basketeering-and I don't mind a bit.

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