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Elanor Lux

Eleanor Lux was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She began her art training at the Memphis Art Academy at the age of ten under Burton Callicott. She continued on scholarship, studying weaving under Henry Easterwood, until she was twenty-two. At the same time, Lux was attending MSU, where she received a BFA cum laud in printmaking and printing.

Lux moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, twenty-five years ago, where she became fully involved with fibers – they easily express the beauty and spirit of the area. It was a class in beading that moved her into sculptural beadwork. Lux has won numerous awards, and her beadwork has been acquired by various museums.

Expressing my thoughts and feelings in a visual way has always been the most relaxing and/or exciting way for me to belong in this world. I spent many years working by day in stained glass and by night as a weaver. When I began to blend the two together in beading, I finally felt comfortable and wanted to stay there forever. Bringing light and reflection to softness and movement made it possible for me to say everything. Now I have a studio with five looms and weave by commission during the day and bead all night. Most of my woven commissioned work consists of large fiber pieces for the wall, but I also weave rugs, curtains, and chair slings.

My beadwork is all sculptural, and I enter competitive shows with the different pieces. So, they are on the road most of the time.