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Frank P. Blair

artwork by frank p. blair

An architect by trade, Frank P. Blair has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and a Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

artwork by frank p. blair

I am a retired architect and have always preferred the artistic or design phase of the architecture process. In addition, I enjoy sketching and painting. Through an Arkansas Arts Center class, I became interested in pottery, which shares a characteristic of architecture being a three-dimensional form of art.

The process of transforming an organic material into something that is useful as well as an object of beauty is very rewarding. I throw and hand-build a variety of pottery pieces using pottery clay. After a shape is created, the next procedure requires a bis fire then glazing in a high fire or Raku fire kiln.

I am a dedicated Hog fan as well as a University of Arkansas alumnus. Therefore, I enjoy making the clay hogs. Each hog is hand-built with an unique expression, then fired in a variety of school finishes. The hogs are display pieces, whereas the hog mugs are food safe.

When a work is selected from many available choices to find a place in one's home, it is the greatest compliment an artist can experience.

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