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Jeanie Beall Berna

artwork by Jeanie Beall Berna

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by handcrafted jewelry and arts from around the world. As a child and teenager growing up in Arkansas, I expressed my creativity through designing and making quilts and through photography, needlework, and handcrafts. As a camp counselor, teaching arts and crafts to youngsters was a natural fit for me.

As an adult, I spent fifteen years living and working in Wyoming, Montana, and Yellowstone National Park. The beauty of the wilderness and awe-inspiring magnificence of the West has had significant impact on my work, as has the amazing work by many Native American jewelers.

As a jewelry artist, my creations are inspired by nature and color, and are rustic and organic with a Southwestern flair. Into my jewelry I incorporate many different techniques-wire-wrapping, soldering, casting, riveting, texturing, mosaic tiling, bending, setting, tying, stamping, drilling, and enameling-to create earthy textures, interesting shapes, and unique designs.

I love to work with sheet metals and metal clays (silver, copper, brass) which I combine with incredibly beautiful semiprecious gemstones, rustic pearls, stained glass, sea glass, beach pebbles, shell, recycled materials, textiles, and antique treasures to create unique, casual pieces of jewelry art.

Currently I live in the Ferndale area outside of Little Rock on top of Bear Mountain with my husband Jim, two college-age sons, and three dogs, with an inspirational and panoramic view of the "blue" Ouachita Mountains from my studio.

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