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Julie Holt

artwork by Julie Holt

Holt graduated from the University of North Texas in 1994, with a BFA in ceramics. Then, she moved to Little Rock and began working in clay, watercolors, and oil.

As I moved from clay, watercolors, and oil toward two- and three-dimensional sculptural work, there remained a deep satisfaction for me in making functional pieces-that is, something useful but at the same time artistic and beautiful.

In college, I began making the stamps that I use today on my slab pieces. I have always been drawn to Egyptian art, and these pieces feel to me like my own personal hieroglyphs.

After years of making wheel-thrown, stoneware pottery, I am now concentrating on hand-building terra cotta or porcelain objects. I love the pristine white of the porcelain and the imperfect, organic construction of a hand-built vessel.

My earthenware pieces, with their bright underglazes, indulge my love of color, whimsy, and pattern.

My work attempts to create something precious and that honors connections from various experiences in my life: spending endless hours in fabric stores with my mom; learning to sew and garden by watching my mom; my love and appreciation of animals; and lucky adventures like living on an apple orchard, living in Ireland, and traveling around the world. These, and other experiences like favorite music and friends, have influenced my paintings in the form of lines, patterns, colors, and lyrical subject. My paintings are how I feel the world, and the clay pieces are the beautiful little tools of daily life-sacred treasures or reminders of what I love. I hope you enjoy them.

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