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Roger Bartz

Roger Bartz was born in Iowa in 1944. When he was ten, he and his family moved to Colorado. After serving in the U.S. Navy, Bartz was employed by a utility company in Colorado, and he continued to work in power plants after he moved to Arizona.

Bartz moved to Mountain Home, Arkansas, in 1999, and then to Searcy in 2003, where he and his wife currently live. His work is shown at Fran's Frame Shop in Searcy and at LittleRedWorkShop at the Etsy website.

While on a trip to Vermont in 2008, I watched a lady in a Shaker village making storage boxes, in the Shaker style. It was at that point that I decided that this was something that I had to learn. I bought a book and some lumber and started making lots of sawdust. By 2009, people started complimenting me on my work, and by 2010, I started to think that I might be making something to be proud of.