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Russell Lemond

artwork by russell lemond

"Raw industrial" is the term I like to use to describe the sculpture and furniture I've been experimenting with since 2001.

After stumbling across a "goldmine" of scrap aluminum years ago, the thought of making things from it was filed away for a couple of years and finally acted upon when my wife and I decided we needed some ultra-contemporary tables for our home.

With encouragement from friends and associates, I began to design and build more furniture – all the while giving me the chance to hone my skills as a fabricator, welder, and artist using various abrasive methods to bring out unique characteristics of the metal.

While I consider my furniture pieces as "artistic," I've really enjoyed moving into the more sculptural arena. Being completely self-taught, it's been eye-opening to discover how light plays over the metal after I use various techniques and tools. When placed in the right light, many of the pieces exhibit a holographic effect, and the surface of the work can give the appearance of being several inches thick.

While I've heard it commented that my work is "outside the box," I enjoy a more open view of it (and life in general)– there is no box!