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Theda Scribner

Theda Scribner has attended workshops conducted by Tony Couch, Daniel Green, Doug Dawson, Ken Mosmer, and others. She has also taught many watercolor and drawing classes. Scribner's art is currently displayed at various locations across the United States, Canada, and elsewhere abroad. Her works are included in the collections of Congressman Vic Snyder, Arkansas Children's Hospital, Cooperative Extension Services of Arkansas, and the Court of Appeals in the State Justice Building.

My interest in art has always been such a part of my life that I can't remember not being involved in it. I have tried most all media but seem to be centered more on watercolor at this time. Having studied with many nationally recognized artists, and having been introduced to so many different techniques and approaches, I must admit that I have gleaned from each of them, but I somehow seem to drift back to my usual realism. Hopefully, some of my appreciation for color, shape, and composition can be attributed to all of them.

I really enjoy the freedom and flow of watercolor but must admit that it is challenging. Having a background in commercial art, I still cling to sharp and clean lines and try to combine them with the transparency that I love in watercolor.