Central High School
60 Years After the Crisis

60 Years Ago...

In the fall of 1957, the Little Rock Nine entered Central High School, putting the claims of the U.S. Constitution and the findings of the Supreme Court to the test. Below are links to just some of the Butler Center's remarkable resources on the history of the crisis, its major components, and its key participants. Please note a special initiative that seeks to add stories about participants in these transformative events who are less well known.

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Historians have rightfully lauded the Little Rock Nine and local leaders such as Daisy and L. C. Bates, but other participants in the drama have sometimes been overlooked. After all, the Nine did not stand alone – an entire community stood behind them offering material and moral support, people such as lawyer Christopher Mercer and minister Rufus King Young. And in Little Rock's white community, numerous men and women stood against the dominant segregationist culture, people such as professor Grace Lorch and minister Dunbar Ogden. Can you think of unsung heroes and heroines of the Central High Crisis? If so, post your narrative at the Encyclopedia of Arkansas or on our Facebook page, This initiative is taking place in partnership with the Clinton School of Public Service.