The Carolyn LeMaster Collection

The Carolyn Gray LeMaster Arkansas Jewish History Collection

portrait of jacob trieber

A Corner of the Tapestry: A History of the Jewish Experience in Arkansas, 1820s-1990s, published in 1994, represents fifteen years of research by Carolyn Gray LeMaster. Few states have such a comprehensive history of their Jewish population. LeMaster's work grew out of a 1977 student project at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) and built on a lifelong love of biblical history.

The Carolyn LeMaster Collection contains documents, photographs, correspondence, and artifacts collected during the course of LeMaster's work on the book. These resources illuminate the history of Arkansas and the South, the history of individual towns, the lives of Jewish settlers, and the Jewish population's contributions to the local economy and culture. The collection also contains primary sources, both copies and originals, that tell the stories of people who adapted to a new land, often while maintaining their cultural identity and connections to their former homelands.

Family and individual stories make up the core of the collection, divided by the city or town in which the people lived. A few individuals whose roles were prominent include federal judge Jacob Trieber, members of the Ottenheimer family, and Rabbi Ira Sanders.

About Carolyn LeMaster

A native of Little Rock, Arkansas, Carolyn Gray LeMaster is a journalism graduate of UALR. In addition to A Corner of the Tapestry, LeMaster has also written several essays and book chapters on the subject of Jews in Arkansas and has served on the boards of a number of local historical institutes, including the Southern Jewish Historical Society and the Pulaski County Historical Society.

Selections from the LeMaster Collection

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