The Authors

Phillip H. McMath, writer, trial lawyer, and Vietnam veteran, has combined his interests in history, in his native South, and in war to create a unique body of work. He recently completed his fictional trilogy: Native Ground (1984), Arrival Point (1991), and Lost Kingdoms (2007). The latter novel won the Arkansiana Award for fiction sponsored by the Arkansas Library Association. One critic said of Arrival Point: "Phillip McMath knows and evokes the diverse worlds of Vietnam, China, Russia, and Arkansas, and uses them adroitly as settings for a tale of intrigue, revenge, love and human values." The Weekend Theatre produced McMath's first full-length drama, Dress Blues, in 1999 and is scheduled to produce his second, The Hanging of David O. Dodd, in 2011. McMath also has written for a number of newspapers, winning the Freedom Foundation's Communication Award for an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times. He lives in Little Rock with his wife, Carol, and practices law with McMath Woods PA.

Emily Matson Lewis, a lifelong resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, has always been fascinated by stories of young people who find their lives defined by extraordinarily difficult times. The unifying strand in all of her varied work and volunteer activities -- jobs in educational settings ranging from a preschool/daycare, to a summer camp's educational program, to a Sunday school, to high school English classrooms -- has been this interest in the shaping power of stories. The year she spent interviewing the woman whose life inspired this book showed her a story on a larger scale, one encompassing a grand sweep of time, geography, and emotion. She feels honored to have provided the initial notes for The Broken Vase.