by Velma B. Branscum Woody and Steven Teske

Wartime Stories of Arkansans Come to Life in New Book

Homefront Arkansas: Arkansans Face Wartime, written by Butler Center Books veteran Velma B. Branscum Woody, along with historian Steven Teske, illuminates for young readers the impact of war on Arkansans.

Beginning with the Mexican War and ending with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the nine stories in Homefront Arkansas provide a factual and compelling backdrop for Arkansas’s history as seen through its conflicts. Readers will follow Arkansans into battle and see the effects on soldiers as well as on their loved ones at home.

The stories confront different scenarios, with war being the common element. In the state’s early days, Arkansans answer the call to war as Americans prepare to fight against Mexico; a boy in southern Arkansas helps a wounded Union soldier after a Civil War battle at Poison Springs; Arkansans are forced to take sides in the 1874 Brooks-Baxter War, involving two men each claiming to be the governor of Arkansas; Arkansans prepare to follow Teddy Roosevelt into the Spanish-American War but are forced instead to languish in a crowded camp as they wait to ship out; an African-American girl learns from her father’s World War I experiences how to survive troubled times at home; on a family picnic, a father shares long-hidden memories of World War II with his daughter; and the Korean War, Vietnam War, and wars in the Middle East also change lives in Arkansas before, during, and after the battles.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 200 pages
$15.00 paperback, 978-0-9800897-9-0 | 0-9800897-9-4