The Authors

Brothers Ray and Steven Hanley began collecting postcards in 1973. "We picked up a few at a flea market, then a few more, then we were hooked," said Ray Hanley. The collection now exceeds 25,000 postcards. His favorite cards concern the 1911 United Confederate Veterans' reunion in Little Rock that had an attendance of more than 100,000. The brothers eventually devoted one of their 13 books to the event - Remembering Arkansas' Confederates and the Reunion of 1911.

Steven Hanley, whose favorite cards include scenes from the Alamo, also specializes in cards that involved different types of jobs in the early part of the 20th century. One of his recent books - Arkansas at Work: 1900 to 1925 - was devoted to this theme. He also is the author of This Place of Care, Love and Hope: A History of Arkansas Children's Hospital.

The Hanley brothers have published extensively from their research of Arkansas history as told through postcards. Traveling thousands of miles to collect and authenticate postcards, they are the undisputed authorities on historical postcards from Arkansas. They both live in Little Rock.