Questions & answers with the editors, William A. Frazier and Mark K. Christ

Q. Why did you decide to write Ready, Booted, and Spurred?

Ready, Booted, and Spurred contains the proceedings of the 2005 military history seminar at the Old State House Museum. Since most of the previous seminars had focused on the Civil War, we changed the focus in 2005 because the museum had a major exhibit on the U.S.-Mexican War, which Bill Frazier curated. Through the various papers that were presented at the seminar, and which comprise the book, we sought to give readers an overview of why the war was fought, why it was important in Arkansas history, how Arkansawyers were involved, and how the war changed American history.

Q. What do you hope readers will gain from Ready, Booted, and Spurred?

We hope that our readers will gain an understanding of the importance of this much-overlooked, yet pivotal, point in American history, as well as a sense of the important role that Arkansas and the people played in the U.S.-Mexican War.