a memoir by Charlotte Tillar Schexnayder

Charlotte Tillar Schexnayder began her lifelong enchantment with journalism in the seventh grade when she tackled a class assignment to design and write a newspaper. She would pursue the career for more than a half-century as she and her husband, Melvin, worked side by side in southeast Arkansas to build the Dumas Clarion newspaper into an influential voice in the life and politics of the Arkansas Delta.

Now, Schexnayder’s story is told in her own words in a new book--Salty Old Editor: An Adventure in Ink-- published by Butler Center Books.

Schexnayder’s work on the prize-winning Dumas newspaper also helped prepare her for a life of public service. Always fascinated by politics, she sat on numerous state boards and served for 14 years in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

"Look in the dictionary under 'multi-tasking' and you will find Charlotte’s picture," said Jimmie Lou Fisher, former Arkansas State Treasurer. "One day, she is helping a bereaved man get a suit to bury his brother in and the next, she and her husband are guests of the Clintons, sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House. Salty Old Editor is a 'must read' for anyone who loves Arkansas and the real history of the state."

A devoted wife and mother, Schexnayder was also a pioneer in helping to open the professions of politics and journalism to women. Told in her own words, Salty Old Editor is the compelling story of how Schexnayder overcame the many challenges she faced with abundant humor and grace—and with ink on her fingers.

"Charlotte Schexnayder is one of those too rare people who not only cares about what's right and wrong in the world, she spent a lifetime trying to do something about it," said one-time Arkansas governor and former U. S. Senator Dale Bumpers. "Together, she and late husband, Melvin, were the bedrock of their community, the Delta, and the entire state. Charlotte has a lot of experience and wisdom and I'm glad she's sharing it with us in this book."

6 x 9, 291 pages
33 photos
$22.50 paper